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Did you know that working from home is in itself a more ecological gesture?

We’ll take a closer look at this in today’s blog where suggests how you can work from the comfort of your home and let the planet breathe!

1. Limiting pollution from transportation

With employees in telecommuting mode, there is obviously less travel involved which means less fuel burned as well as lower levels of pollution and gas emitted in transport. Thus, less CO2 is released into the air. Just imagine the number of people who no longer travel on a daily basis and the tremendous good it does for the planet which can breathe a little easier.

2. Dropping site rental

Working from home and, not having an outdoor office also means that site rentals have decreased significantly. This sadly has a negative impact on building owners, but from an environmental point of view, it discourages the construction of new buildings and parking lots, and consequently decongests cities, among other things. Companies invest less money in renting huge buildings and can therefore, invest more in the well-being of their employees.

3. Reducing food waste and packaging

Working from home, you have access to your kitchen at all times. You can make yourself a meal at lunchtime and use left-overs in your refrigerator and pantry when you’re hungry before it goes to waste. In the morning, use your plunger coffee maker to make coffee, served with milk in returnable bottles. You guessed it, this greatly reduces the possibility of unhealthy and unnecessary drink, snack or meal buying scenarios on the go and reduces food waste.

4. Reducing waste in general

Whether it’s a coffee on the go, a takeaway, a subway ticket, a bill, a food wrapper, a flyer, etc., multiple events come our way to the office or at the office that can generate waste. That’s why being at home limits our exposure to these opportunities to generate additional waste.

5. Saving energy

When it’s your home, you have the freedom to choose the right environment for natural ventilation and light avoiding any need to turn on the air conditioning or lights. Moreover, at home, if you already have this ecological spirit, you already know how to save energy and what kind of cables and environmentally friendly light bulbs you use. Besides, one less space to heat, light, maintain and pay for several households at a time results in the global saving of energy which is a huge benefit to the environment.

6. Practicing mindful consumption and expenses

When we are independent teleworkers and therefore responsible for all our home office expenses, we are certainly more reluctant to buy office supplies or technology equipment that is not essential. We think twice before making such a purchase, and the same applies when we need to print a document using our own paper, ink and energy. Indirectly, this behaviour encourages us to be more mindful of our consumption and spending and thus reduces, consciously or not, our environmental impact.

Working from home is a genuine solution to reduce your environmental impact in many ways, as you have discovered. It has been proven to reduce CO2 emissions, energy, waste and pollution, among other harms to our environment. As a CEO, business owner or employee, if you have the opportunity to make your work conditions and behaviours more sustainable, telecommuting is a key solution to adopt.

Work from the comfort of your home and let the planet breathe.

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