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Our planet is naturally built to sustain everyone. However, while we continue taking from our natural resources, only a few people are able to benefit from its fruits. The unequal distribution of income leaves more people at the mercy of the effects of continued human activities.

More people have to fight against climate change and ecosystem degradation in an effort to survive. These problems explain the importance of sustainable development goals (or SDGs). We want to create a society where everyone prospers and benefits from what we have today while leaving plenty for the future.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

There are 17 sustainable development goals that further expand into more specific targets. Ideally, these goals lead us toward a society that can continue living without compromising future generations. At a glance, the 17 goals we need to achieve for sustainable development are for the benefit of five points: the people, prosperity, the planet, peace, and partnership.

  • People: SDGs for the people include ending poverty in all its forms everywhere. We must aim for a society that promotes well-being for all ages and ensures healthy lives, dignity, and equality.

  • Prosperity: We want to ensure that everyone leads prosperous and fulfilling lives by having access to inclusive and equitable quality education. To meet our goals for living in harmony with nature, we must promote lifelong learning opportunities for all, not just a select few.

  • Planet: We must take urgent action against climate change and its impacts by protecting our planet’s natural resources. In turn, we protect our future generations. With this goal, we aim to make human settlements inclusive, safe, and sustainable.

  • Peace: SDGs for peace promote inclusive societies for sustainable development. We must provide access to justice for all and build effective and accountable institutions at every level to foster a just society.

  • Partnership: Our goals for partnership focuses on revitalizing our global partnership to create a solid group that implements the sustainable development agenda.


Sustainable development is the progress that serves the present without compromising resources for future generations. We need goals to foster such a society, because we cannot survive if we continue exhausting our natural resources while disproportionately benefiting the rich and poor.

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