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In the metaverse, NFTs are gaining value, the question is who benefits from it and how?

Whether you’re a buyer, a collector or an artist, the boom with regards to the NFT is valuable today.

1. NFTs benefit artists.

NFTs are now exhibited in leading marketplaces where art lovers usually expect to see traditional art. A digital artist can now showcase his talent among the finest artists. Artists can easily mint and add their works to the NFT marketplaces

Artists, especially digital artists, have more opportunities to sell their work and maximize their chances of marketing their talent online.

In addition, did you know that NFTs have a feature that allows the artist to earn a percentage every time your creation is sold or passes from one owner to another?

Everything that is stored on a digital medium can be transformed into NFT, as long as the artists have the right to use it.

Generating one’s own NFT allows artists to monetize your creations more substantially because these digital productions are worth more than a simple logo design. Artists could be the new Picasso of the web.

2. NFTs benefit buyer

Purchasing art allows the buyer to financially support the artists they love and fancy while being the owner of digital artwork.

Buyers are also sometimes not only individuals but corporations who would choose to invest in the purchase of NFTs. Indeed, today, many companies are investing in NFT projects directly to design studios, interior architects and firms, knowing that they are not just spending money but investing in an asset that could bring them a return on investment later.

Purchasing an NFT also gives the buyer some basic usage rights, such as the ability to publish the image online or set it as your profile picture while, again, being the sole owner. Yes, the buyer can boast of owning a piece of art, with a unique blockchain in the current world of technological evolution.

One can copy the Mona Lisa, but the original remains the masterpiece and the owner, one of a kind.

3. NFTs benefit collectors

NFTs are like any other speculative asset. Collectors are always on the lookout for new and exciting projects to trade a large volume of NFTs for a large sum of money later on. collectors can collect as many as they can, and hope that one day its value will increase to resell at a significant profit.

Some might argue that this is a risky investment. To date, the prospects for this are promising.

4. SUS NFT benefits sustainable advocates

If you are a regular NFT buyer or collector and you are also committed to sustainability, SUS NFT is the best deal for you. By creating content that reflects your commitment, concerns, and willingness to raise awareness about environmental impact and sustainability, you can, hear me right, not buy, but earn SUSNFT.

How? Your creations in the form of blogs and videos to educate and promote sustainability will earn you tokens that you can redeem for these SUSNFTs. Isn’t that fabulous?

Whether you are a buyer, collector or artist, the most obvious benefit of NFTs is their effectiveness in streamlining markets. Today, NFTs are an emerging investment trend, that is destined to last for a long time, although the implications will likely be different from those of current speculation.

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