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Valentine’s Day is coming soon. And, we all wonder what to get our sweetheart for this special occasion. Since 2020, the word “reinvent” is very popular to move towards a new normal. What if we also reinvented the traditional commercial Valentine’s Day gifts and offered more eco-friendly gifts instead?

@sustainableliving_ig has compiled a list of sustainable Valentine’s Day gift ideas for you.

1.Give a plant

Isn’t a bouquet of roses the most romantic gift a lover can give to their significant other? But is it the most romantic sustainable gift? Giving a plant that your loved one can water and care for, in the long run, is more meaningful. The message is stronger because it means that your love can be watered and grow every day instead of fading like roses.

2.Give the gift of Time

With our incredibly busy lifestyles, your total presence with no-pressure, no-cell phone, no-screen is priceless! Plus, it costs the planet nothing. Disconnect completely to reconnect with your soul mate.

3. Prepare a home-cooked meal

Instead of going to a restaurant just for the sake of going to a restaurant, cook your significant other’s favourite dish! On top of that, add the secret ingredient which is a pinch of your love. Put on your kitchen apron and cap, get the cutlery you only use for big events and prepare your homemade meal for dinner, lunch or breakfast. This way you save money, reduce waste and consumption that normally involves eating out.

4. Organise a relaxing night at home

Your loved one is feeling tired, stressed and craving a massage? Surprise them with a 100% sustainable package for a romantic special relaxing treat. This could include a personal massage, some homemade or locally purchased essential oils, natural scrub and sustainable candles to warm up the mood.

5. Plan an experience day

Flowers fade, but memories don’t! That’s why, instead of flowers, teddy bears, heart-shaped decorations that would be cute on the spur of the moment but would always end up stacked in a drawer, you can opt for an experience day; A trip, a nature adventure, a sightseeing tour, among others!

6. Organize a staycation

Why seek out faraway destinations when the beauty is right in front of you? Save on carbon emissions with flights and take your soul mate to discover your own country. A romantic getaway not far away!

7. Buy locally made gifts

Instead of buying mass-produced gifts, support local businesses. You can often find a variety of eco-consciously made products, such as natural shampoo, soap, body cream, lipstick or beautiful handmade decorating ideas made of wood for example. And that way, you’re also showing love for local crafts and supporting local artisans.

8. Go for digital cards or handmade boards

Instead of having paper cards that end up in a drawer or the landfill, send beautiful digitally produced cards. They can be used as a phone or desktop wallpaper. Additionally, if you want to give them something tangible, give them a two-in-one gift: a wooden board in the form of a card that can be used as decoration.

9. Plant a tree

All ecology lovers and environmentalists know that reforestation is essential if we want to preserve and protect the Earth. Thus, allowing your other half to participate by planting a tree is a strong and committed symbol, both for the planet and your love! A dematerialized and meaningful gift.

10. Bake your cake

What can we offer to the foodies? Make their favourite food and take it to the next level by baking their favourite cake instead of buying the traditional box of chocolates from the supermarket. So sweet!

11. Create your DYI Jewellery

Why buy diamonds when they are already the precious ones in your heart? The time spent, the intention, the effort to create a piece of jewellery made with love and eco-friendly materials. Be creative, be thoughtful, also repair an old necklace that belonged to your loved ones. It is worth all the diamonds in the world as the intention is gold.

Love must be celebrated, yet, not at the expense of our planet! So many ideas to pamper those you love in the most eco-conscious and sustainable ways. Show your love to your beloved ones and your planet on valentine’s day and every other day.

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