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The usual big question:

What are your good resolutions for the new year?

And, what if we start by rephrasing this question into “what are your good ecological resolutions for this year?”

Because every little ecological gesture counts, we must contribute to protecting our planet. sustainableliving_ig is giving you some hints with 10 resolutions to make 2022 a greener year.

1. Reusable bags everywhere, every time.

It’s no secret that plastic is bad for the environment and your health. that’s why we suggest you carry your reusable bags everywhere, every time.

Opt for sturdy fabric bags that you can wash over and over and use for a long period.

2. Create or buy natural beauty products

Your beauty kit can go through a transformation while contributing to the planet. produce your usual beauty products more healthily and naturally. Reduce waste by throwing away products after use and opting for organic alternatives afterward. if you are not a DIY pro, then buy and support local bio-artisans who make all kinds of flavors. at the same time, you will contribute to the circular economy and do not indulge in the heavy cosmetic production industry.

3. Go back to lunchboxes

If we associate lunchboxes with school kids, we can also go back to our old good habits. Instead of carrying plastic zip bags to work every day and throwing them away after meals, why not bring your cool lunchboxes to work and by the same token, preserve your meals in the best way possible.

4. Shop eco-responsibly

As much as you want to be sustainable, we cannot get the shopaholic out of you.

We have the solution. Visit thrift stores, flea markets, and second-hand websites. You will find happiness in pre-loved and reusable items and make the planet happy too.

5. No more disposable cups

the time of disposable paper or plastic cups is over. nowadays, the new trend is that everyone brings their reusable cup or mug. To add some fun to it, choose a nice mug or personalize it with a photo or an ecological message.

6. Cook sustainably

Shopaholics are also addicted to shopping at the supermarket and the market. It’s a habit, you have to go shopping every week even if the cupboards and the fridge are full. This new year, let’s leave what is already in the fridge and the cupboards serve as inspiration for the dishes and not the other way around. This way, there is no waste, you make sure you use your products before they are gone, and you save on your next shopping trip by making sure you finish what is already there. Plus, make sure, you’re always reusing the left-overs and not throwing them to waste.

7. Travel sustainably

Whether it is for your daily trips or long trips, travel ecologically. Give more space to your life, for short distances, opt for the metro, the bicycle, or carpooling.

When it’s time for a big vacation, choose eco-friendly airlines, destinations that don’t promote mass tourism, or even better, staycations.

8. Save energy

Use led bulbs, turn off lights, use rechargeable batteries, turning off the heating or air conditioning when not needed. there are multiple ways to save energy and reduce your energy consumption.

9. Bring your reusable cutleries to the restaurant

Some restaurants have switched to bio cutlery and no plastic. however, these are still disposable. it would be even better if you brought your bamboo or metal cutlery and refuse to take theirs if it was not necessary. even bring your lunch boxes or water bottles to fill in case of a takeaway. Some eco-friendly restaurants can even give you a discount for this initiative.

10. Declutter, donate or sell

When cleaning out your house and wardrobes for the new year, declutter and sort out what you are going to donate to friends, relatives, or associations. You can even organize a flea market or a garage sale to get your money back. in all cases, you are contributing to the circular economy.

This year, we propose you to take make 2022 greener by adopting ecological resolutions. Of course, our suggested list is not exhaustive and we would be delighted to read your ecological resolutions. Happy green 2022.

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