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Nowadays, the terms “ecological”, “green”, “sustainable” have become fashionable.Everyone is talking about it; you see these words on billboards, email signatures, political summits, in short everywhere! As far as you are concerned, you love your planet and would like to help save it in some way. However, you have absolutely no clue about what to do or what they’re talking about.

Maybe you’ve never been told, or it wasn’t part of your family’s practice. Don’t worry, it’s better late than never; You can start NOW!

And to get you started, Sus. live has thought about providing you with some valuable tips to get you started.

What does sustainable living mean?

Some would say that it refers to living a more sustainable life which is also known as “green or ecological living,”. But what does that mean? This term is very broad. Yet, from an environmental perspective, sustainable living refers to habits and practices that contribute to protecting our planet instead of further damaging it. It involves striving to create less waste and focusing on the use of renewable resources and encouraging minimal consumption. It can also be defined as “the practice of ensuring that we do not deplete the earth’s natural resources while maintaining a strong economy for future generations, our children, our grandchildren, and their progeny.

Why is it important to be sustainable?

Today, more than ever, living a more sustainable life is crucial to the health of the planet and all of its living inhabitants, including us humans. Adopting a sustainable lifestyle at the individual, corporate, national or international level can potentially lead to less pollution, fewer greenhouse gases, less waste, healthier oceans and forests, and ultimately a healthier planet and thus, healthier individuals. This cycle starts and ends with us. It’s up to us human beings to decide if we want it to be vicious or virtuous for our planet.

Sustainable living tips for dummies.

1. Start now!

Why wait? Our planet has already suffered too much damage. Fortunately, we have not reached the point of no return. Initiatives and actions can still be taken to save the planet. That is why you should not wait any longer and start your sustainable journey now.

2. Change your mindset

Every single change starts with your mindset. If you think that what happens to our planet is none of your business but the businesses of others, this is the place to start. Before you can help change the world, change yourself. Develop that environmental awareness and responsibility. this is where great actions originate. Change your mindset and develop a sustainable mindset.

3. One small step at a time

The most important thing to remember about transitioning to a more sustainable lifestyle is that you don’t need to turn everything upside down all at once. One small step at a time!

Start with simple everyday actions like switching to more sustainable products with eco-friendly labels, reducing your energy consumption, reducing your waste or plastic use. all of these small, simple actions won’t make you feel like there’s a drastic change in your life, but no matter how small they are, they add up and create a big impact.

4. Reduce, reuse, recycle

Reduce, reuse, recycle is the winning trifecta of practices for more eco-responsible consumption.

Reduce your waste, reuse your objects to extend their life span as much as possible and lastly, sort your waste so that it can be recycled into new resources.

5. Ditch the plastic bottles or single-use bags

One of the biggest crises facing the planet is plastic. Perhaps you are wondering how to completely eradicate plastic from your daily life when you have always been used to it? Well, you can start by getting rid of plastic bottles and single-use bags, for example. Follow the movement of reusable tote bags or refillable stainless-steel water bottles. They now come in a variety of designs and shapes, so you can be both fashionable and sustainable.

6. Be mindful of your transportation

Carpooling, walking, biking, taking the stairs instead of escalators or elevators are excellent alternatives to polluting modes of transportation. Why burn gasoline and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions when there are easier, healthier and most importantly, more sustainable ways to get around.

Plus, when you’re also purchasing your private transport, opt for a hybrid or electric cars rather than gasoline-powered vehicles.

7. Learn to identify greenwashing

Just because you are on the path to adopting a sustainable lifestyle does not mean you have to fall into the trap of buying every supposedly green item you see. Not all eco-friendly products are truly sustainable. Read, learn more about the different green labels and product life cycles, so you can buy smart when it comes to green purchasing and consumption. You could instead opt for shopping for more organic and natural products made locally.

It’s easy-peasy to start living a more sustainable lifestyle now, even for dummies. It all starts now and in the simplest way possible.

Lead a sustainable path with your heart and genuine, heartfelt concern to make an impact and bring positive change to our planet.

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