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Dear fashionista, being avant-garde is not enough to be on the cutting edge of the fashion world today! Being sustainable is the ultimate fashion touch this day. Let’s discover how you can be one of the most sustainable fashionistas for our planet.

The toxic undertones of fashion

Before looking at the various ways to be fashionable and sustainable, let’s have a look at the toxic undertones of fashion. In 2012, the NGO Greenpeace released a report entitled “The Big Fashion Stitch-Up.” The study showed the presence in a majority of clothes of nonylphenol ethoxylates used as detergents or waterproofing, which turn into endocrine disruptors in contact with water and accumulate in aquatic environments.

These pollutants are dangerous for everyone: the fauna and flora that come into contact with them, textile workers, people living near clothing production plants, and final consumers.

Besides, every year, and especially at the time of the sales, environmental associations remind us of the environmental and social damage caused by the overproduction and overconsumption of clothes.

In addition to being a waste of raw materials, drinking water and energy, fast fashion emits a lot of greenhouse gases and discharges large quantities of pollutants into the water and soil. All this to wear a garment 3 times, sometimes only once for some people, before getting rid of it. This is why, we would like to encourage those fashion addicts to adopt sustainable fashion habits!

Sustainable habits for sustainable habits!

1. One garment, multiple styles!

A true fashionista is not the one who owns a thousand outfits but rather the one who knows how to combine and assemble a hundred clothes to transform them into a thousand stylish outfits.

Did you know that with the same clothes and accessories, you can compose various outfits?

All you need is a sharp eye and a strong sense of fashion! This way, you can limit your consumption, which is far from being very eco-responsible, while limiting your expenses and avoiding overloading your house and your wardrobes. Moreover, you will show your followers and friends that with the right essentials from your wardrobe, you can compose several different outfits, personalized and adapted to each occasion, just by accessorizing them differently.

2. Be a yard sale enthusiast

If you’re a fashionista, chances are you know that at thrift stores and yard sales, you’re likely to find unique and vintage clothes at low prices, allowing you to contribute to the circular economy instead of shopping on a grand scale. Favouring second-hand clothes, so as not to encourage overproduction, is another key solution to sustainable dressing without ruining yourself.

3. Buy sustainable clothes

When people brag about their new purchase, it’s not just about the design, but also the eco-friendliness of the fabric, the manufacturing, etc. A garment is said to be “trendy” now if it is ethical and eco-friendly. Check the label on your clothes to make sure they are eco-labelled so that you too can be labelled as the green ‘trendista’.

4. Identify yourself with the green-oriented brands

Faced with the abuses of fast fashion, many brands are committed to a more responsible fashion, both socially but also in terms of environment and health. Not only this should be where you should shop from but also take your loved ones and encourage people to support them. Turning to these brands means deciding to buy less and better.

5. Opt for ecological materials

Organic cotton, linen, hemp or lyco-cell, lycra (fibres made from a mixture of wood pulp dissolved in a non-toxic solvent), among others, are more ecological materials than those offered in most stores, namely conventional cotton, nylon or polyester. In addition, they are more resistant and durable over time and therefore encourage you not to consume more in terms of recurring wasteful purchases.

In today’s fashion world, sustainability is the new black. Dress to kill without killing any living thing or our planet. Yes, you heard right, you can be fashionable and sustainable!

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