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Sustainability is the new normal

We are all familiar with this phrase ‘The new normal’ given the recent pandemic occurrences, and the new way of life we had to adopt!

Sustainability is the new standard today! People, businesses, political leaders, and nations are all moving toward new, morally superior behaviours, attitudes, projects, and objectives. Let’s read more to discover how, from individual to collective level, we are moving towards a new normal, which is hopeful for our planet.

Companies moving towards sustainability

If each individual can adopt daily gestures to reduce his impact on the environment, companies have also understood and become more involved in the ecological responsibility of the company.

Today, whenever there are new initiatives, missions and projects to be launched, it has become normal and essential to mention the aspect of ecological contribution and impact. This goes further, since through the production chain, the materials used, the packaging, the marketing and the market positioning, most companies that care about ecological impact, want to be green!

Whether it is part of their core values and aspirations or not, they know that it is the new standard that all consumers are looking for and that would allow them to stand out!

A good example is paying attention to the vehicles your business utilizes and the fuel you upon distribution and production. If at all possible, switch to hybrid or electric cars and trucks, and use alternative and renewable energy sources as fuel. Consider using biofuels to power your automobiles, which can transform biomass like corn directly into liquid fuels. Go paperless, instil remote work, local sourcing and production, low energy consumption, and sensitization in the companies among others, the possibilities are numerous!

Political authorities moving towards sustainability

Political parties are becoming more aware of environmental concerns and policy solutions to climate change.

There is mounting evidence that environmentalism and the three main tenets of democracy—transparency, participation, and justice—work in harmony, a relationship that has already been acknowledged in several international declarations and agreements, democratic tenets and furthering the environmental agenda. They can accomplish this through their connections with the citizens who influence public opinion and their capacity to keep the administration accountable.

Political parties provide a platform for citizens, civil society, businesses and parliament to express their political views and help bridge the gap between the public and government. In addition to responding to voter demand, they also influence public opinion. For example, several political parties have changed their messages, laws and policies to reflect the growing concern about climate change fuelled by climate activists. A concrete example is a plastic ban, that has been implemented and strengthened in many countries. Today, every summit, convention, and policy decision must involve the question of ecological impact and how the country in question as well as its citizens and citizen actions can and should reduce the carbon footprint!

Individuals moving on to the new normal

Just like the new normal of covid, there are rules, suggestions and recommendations from the authorities, but there is also and above all the responsibility of everyone. Today, even if you have not been raised in this way, with the new normal, how to be green or have a responsible consumption for an ecological transition and act for your planet at your scale.

The smallest change starts with yourself at an individual level fortunately, have understood this by building a better tomorrow individually and collectively.

if you can do without your car to go to work, take the subway or carpool, it's already a big step!

At home, reduce your electricity consumption, and opt for led light bulbs and accessories. grow as many vegetables, fruits and herbs as possible at home, without pesticides. make compost, declutter objects that you no longer use and that you can resell or donate, and use water collected from the rain to water or wash the garden. the options are diverse.

You can also be a responsible consumer, limit plastics and eliminate single-use plastic products. buy only what you need. make your home a house of recycling, reusing and reducing. Choose a reusable anti-vacuum mask to protect yourself and not pollute with this or other non-biodegradable products.

All these small actions are only examples to adopt this new normality which is a way of the future to avoid the ecological burn-out.

Some encouraging climatic effects, from declining carbon emissions to nature breathing again as a result of rapid changes in society's operations and travel patterns because of the epidemic and the new normal that has changed the world. People's habits have had to change, and this presents an unparalleled opportunity to advance toward becoming more ecologically friendly and sustainable.

It is crucial to make the transition to a green economy where sustainability and climate resilience are prioritized more. People, both individually and collectively, and the spaces they occupy should be at the core of this change, ensuring transition and the chance we are faced with for a fair, green recovery as society transitions into the "new normal."

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