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As a whole, America’s population makes up only 5% of the entire world, yet they produce around 30% of the total garbage on earth. On average, one person in the U.S. will generate one million pounds of materials every year. To put this in perspective, this is enough garbage for 63,000 garbage trucks every day. In this blog post, we share how to live a zero-waste life and how waste management can help us towards a life of sustainability. Here are just a few things that you can do to prevent the accumulation of waste around your home.


  • Buy Second Hand: Doing this will help to reduce CO2 emissions since the clothing industry is estimated to account for 3% of the world’s emissions. This includes production, washing, drying, and shipping.

  • Care for Your Clothes: Buying a smaller amount of high-quality clothing — rather than lots of cheaper items — won’t just save you more money as time goes on, but you’ll also spend less time on making repairs or throwing clothes out.


1. Get Rid of Disposables: Rather than using hundreds of disposable items that create a lot of waste, use these alternatives instead:

  • Reuse rags instead of paper towels.

  • Pack your meals for work using reusable sandwich bags

  • Bring your own bags for shopping.

  • Use biodegradable or non-disposable dinnerware.

  • Use environmentally-friendly sponges.

2. Buy in Bulk: Buying disposable containers can contribute 13 million tons of waste — taking a few minutes to plan your shopping can help to eliminate this waste.

  • Consider buying castile soap in bulk, which can be used as a dish and hand cleaner rather than buying various kinds of cleaners. Furthermore, castile soap can be used as shampoo and body wash.

3. Use Your Leftovers: Unfortunately, 40% of our food will go to waste, so learn to give them some love even if you no longer intend to eat them. Everything that can’t be used should be composted.


  • Opt for Simpler Cleaning: Use baking soda and white vinegar as an alternative to harmful chemicals, and are also more effective, versatile, while eliminating plastic bottles.

The world currently faces a serious problem with waste — there’s too much of it. We are already seeing rapid climate change, so it’s best that we don’t add on to it by leaving waste behind.

Unfortunately, this trash won’t just disappear, so it’s up to us to make the change.

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