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What makes SusNFTs so sustainable? This is a question we get a lot from our readers and environmental promoters. Our NFTs are sustainable not only in terms of their aims, but also in terms of their reward options and acts of goods, as the name itself implies. In today’s article, we’ll take a closer look at how our SusNFTs are sustainable.


SUStoken, a mobile wallet, and SusNFTs, an NFT marketplace, were launched by Sustainable Living, a growing community focused on sharing short videos and blog articles about sustainable living.

SUStoken abbreviated “$SUST,” is a blockchain token akin to a “social or community token” designed by Cartica to encourage community engagement with our content. Tokens are earned by community members who create and share sustainable content in order to raise awareness of sustainable living practices. You can then earn SusNFT from our custom NFT marketplace where members of our community can exchange $SUST for NFTs.


To begin with, the NFT blockchain is more ecologically friendly than Ethereum, as it offers carbon-neutral minting and no gas fees, as well as being energy efficient and not incentivizing server farms to mine continuously. As a result, NFTs are far more sustainable.

Sustainable Living promotes and encourages the use of videos, blogs, and social media sites like Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook to earn and exchange sustokens. Not only are they intended and encouraged actions sustainable, but so is the reward in the form of SusNFTs. It has no monetary or physical worth. In the form of NFTs, it takes the form of digital art. There hasn’t been any kind of waste.


Gandhi stated, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. When confronted with the immensity of an issue like global climate change, large-scale deforestation, or natural resource depletion, among others there are two approaches. The first is to consider that the problem is so large, and the causes are so numerous and varied, that any action taken by an individual is inconsequential.

Another perspective is to think of the world as enormously complex, but with individual components and actions that are all interrelated and interdependent. It is via this latter idea that lifestyle choices can be chosen intentionally and with conviction, and significant change can be achieved. So, individual sustainable action does make a major difference.


1. Reduce waste

Being waste mindful allows you to be sustainable while saving money by just purchasing what you truly require or by repurposing products. One of the most important reasons to decrease trash is to save space in existing landfills and avoid the need to construct new landfills, which take up valuable space and pollute the air and water.

2. Reuse

Instead of discarding materials and things after each usage, reuse them in their original form. Reuse allows new resources to be used for a longer period while also preventing old resources from entering the waste stream thus consciously and sustainably not contributing to mass production.

3. Recycle & upcycle

Upcycling helps the environment by minimizing pollution in the air, land, and water during the manufacturing of new items, as well as avoiding the use of additional natural resources. It also helps to cut down on carbon emission and on the quantity of waste that would otherwise end up in landfills.

4. Utilize technology that is environmentally and socially conscious.

You must live and evolve in tune with current times, however, there is nothing to stop you from using technologies that are less harmful to our environment. for example, electric cars, LED light bulbs and renewable energy, produced from renewable energy sources, are examples of emerging green technologies that you could use.

5. Contribute to citizen action and education.

Appropriate values and attitudes can be taught and encouraged in schools, institutions, organizations and businesses to address global challenges as individual initiatives. Simple examples to teach and encourage include reducing energy consumption for heating, cooling and cooking, lighting, encouraging local and organic shopping, sustainable laundry and cleaning at home, and food consumption, to name a few. Community members can even run small campaigns in small groups and committees in their neighbourhoods and why not their online communities and network.

6. Educate and sensitize others

You don’t have to be a sustainability specialist or run large-scale sustainable projects to get others engaged in this major concern about saving our environment. The first step is to have that eco-friendly spirit and a desire to make a difference. If being an influencer for our young generation and a role model for all is fashionable nowadays, why not make use of that notoriety to make an impact in the world? You may educate and increase awareness among your followers by providing tips, and recommendations, and educating them on the necessity of being sustainable, the why, and the how through your networks. The good influence on all levels and how this platform can transform the world will astound you. As an influencer, you make yourself visible, as well as your actions, vision, and long-term ambitions. By working with Sustainable Living, you will not only be contributing to our good cause and motives, but you will also be earning SUSNFT in return.

It’s wise to start with the most achievable goals at the individual level to develop momentum, stimulate positive outcomes, and enhance involvement. Individual small steps add up to great steps for our ecology. At Sustainable Living, we believe that everyone passionate about sustainability should share their knowledge to empower and educate others so that they can make small changes to reduce their carbon footprint. That is why we invite you to join our community and use your social media platforms to educate others about the importance of sustainability and redeem your SUsNFTs.

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