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What if we had fun and get wasted on New Year’s Eve while minimizing waste for the planet?

Like Christmas, we may be looking forward to ending the festive season beautifully, but this is the time when our planet suffers the most from waste and pollution.

@sustainableliving_ig gives you some cool tips to get this new year off to a good start: hit our sustainable New Year’s resolutions by starting with a sustainable New Year’s celebration.

Let’s get wasted on New Year’s Eve while minimizing waste for the planet.

1. Use leftover food and drinks from Christmas

If you’ve started your sustainable resolutions since Christmas, you’ve probably frozen the leftovers from Christmas meals. Why buy new, and more when the fridge is full to the brim?

Take the food out, reuse them, cook the frozen chicken in a whole new way.

Use up those bottles you received as gifts at Christmas instead of buying new ones.

Top up only what is missing and necessary.

This way, nothing is wasted and your guests can enjoy those little treats they enjoyed for Christmas and couldn’t get enough of it.

2. Prepare an environmentally friendly meal

There is no need to go for a three-course menu where food would remain and go to waste. create a buffet with snacks for all tastes including some left-over snacks and deserts left from Christmas eve diner. that way, every guest can eat whatever they eat, whenever they want to ensure no waste in the end. Supply essentially the right quantities for your guests.

3. Use your traditional cutlery and plates

Instead of buying disposable paper or plastic cutlery for the party or dinner, get your traditional cutlery and plates. you can only make grandma happier by bringing out the traditional cutlery from her great-great grandmother’s time. why harm our planet with disposable cutleries that would go to waste when we can protect it by honoring our family members and their heritage that lasts through time.

4. Go for sustainable bottle options

For your drinks, use glass bottles instead of plastic ones.

It is even more sustainable to find consignment bottles so you can return them and no bottle go to waste.

5. Use DYI or reusable decorations

Once Christmas is over, everyone rushes to buy Christmas Eve decorations. Another wasteful use of decorations and consumption.

We suggest you decorate your homes, tables, and gardens with reusable or DIY decorations. You can even recycle your Christmas decorations, tweak them a bit, use old jewelry and towels that you can turn into pretty towel racks. Get the kids involved in creating napkin rings out of tissue paper rolls, bracelets, etc.

6. Sort your waste during the party

Some people sort their garbage after the party to ensure that all disposable, compostable, and recyclable waste is kept separate. Yet, you could show sustainable originality by providing the waste separation boxes during the party itself. This way, you will not only educate your guests about sorting and the zero-waste initiative, but you will also encourage them to do so. Plus, sustainable initiatives would be at the heart of the party conversation. It would open doors to share everyone’s contribution to the planet. You might as well be surprised if someone wants to go home with the garbage bag of recyclables to turn these items into sustainable art.

7. Carpool with friends and family to the party

Everyone’s invited! Then, why should everyone take his or her own car? Besides showing off your newly purchased car, there’s no other reason why you cannot carpool with your friends and family members?

You save on money for gas, reduce gas emission and pollution on transportation plus, everyone apart from the non-drinker can get drunk safely. Sounds like a good deal to all including the planet, right?

8. Protect our pet friends

As New Year’s Eve celebrations approach, pet lovers are concerned about their furry and feathered companions’ reaction to the sound of fireworks. It is our duty, if we are hosting the party, to make sure that our pets are safe from the noise of the fireworks are placed in a safe environment where they can’t get hurt if they are frightened and try to escape, or that they are not manhandled by drunken guests.

9. Buy eco-friendly fireworks

Alternatives to polluting fireworks and lanterns that would harm the planet, there are lots of eco-friendly fireworks that you could opt for. Light candles at home rather than lanterns that would add up to pollution.

10. Plan a weekly meal plan with left-overs

If you’re reusing the tasty leftovers from Christmas Eve for New Year’s Eve, why not keep that good habit for post-New Year’s celebrations too?

Start the year with a zero-waste initiative and challenge yourself to not buy any more food until the party food is gone. Cook them differently, the turkey could be cut up and added to a soup or curry, the chicken to fried rice, the desserts added to the breakfast you’re hosting with the office on January 3. So many options, so much food, so little waste.

We’re all getting excited to find some kind of closure to this year yet we can do it in the most sustainable ways. Thanks to @sustainableliving_ig eco-friendly tips, you can have fun and get wasted on New Year’s Eve celebration with minimum waste and impact to our planet.

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