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It has never been more pressing to focus on saving our planet and maximizing initiatives to counteract the damage produced by the occupants of this earth.

Today, people around the world are suffering from the impact of climate change in countless ways. Let’s look at how we are experiencing this climate change in 2022 around the world.

Global warming is a phenomenon characterized by an increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s surface. The climate is warming due to the inexorable increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere caused by human activities, resulting in irrevocable consequences for the planet, the ecosystem and its inhabitants.

2022, the year of climate change

A recent IPCC study indicates that global warming of more than 1.5°C would lead to unprecedented climate disruptions such as desertification, rainfall intensity and other extreme weather phenomena. These extreme weather variations could become more frequent and have irreversible effects on the environment.

This year we have already paid a high price in terms of natural disasters with floods and landslides in South Africa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, flash floods and cyclones in various islands like Mauritius, Mozambique, Madagascar, tropical storms in Australia, among other examples.

Climate change varies from region to region.

The polar regions, for instance, are warming twice as fast as the rest of the world. If we continue on the current path of global warming, the Arctic ice pack could melt until it vanishes completely.

In other regions, super-hot summer days, sometimes extremely mild temperatures for a winter, followed by sudden and intense snow events at unexpected times or places.

The year 2022 has started in an apocalyptic way all over the world! There is no longer any doubt: climate change is here.

What causes climate change to this day?

To date, the greenhouse effect is the main natural cause of global warming. Originally, it is a natural phenomenon that contributes to the maintenance of the average temperature level.

However, because of the increasing concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere due to human activities, is intensifying and causing global warming.

it has a ripple effect as in turn Climate change is having an impact on all regions of the globe. Sea levels are rising as polar ice shelves melt. Extreme weather events and precipitation are becoming more frequent, and these effects are expected to worsen in the coming decades.

In addition, rising water levels result in the loss of land and sand. This rise in water level would have a strong impact on coastal areas around the world, which can already be felt and seen in some countries and islands whose beaches are slowly fading away.

In addition, agriculture and fishing are affected, which affects food security. In some places, extreme weather events are more frequent, forcing people to migrate to survive. All this causes tensions over available natural resources, including water, and inevitably reinforces inequalities between populations. Quite alarming, right?

In European countries such as France, floods, cyclones, heatwaves, droughts, fires, and snow, entail negative and substantial impacts on its biodiversity and economy. All this has been on the agenda again this year and it does not seem that it’s going to get any better, unfortunately, unless we act and adapt our lifestyle in such a mindful way as to limit our carbon impact.

What can we do today in 2022 to reduce this impact and minimize maximum damage?

The first step to reducing your carbon footprint is to assess your own. How to?

Initiate a process to reduce the greenhouse gases produced by your many activities, lifestyles and consumption patterns. Offset the emissions that could not be avoided by previous actions. To name a few ways of doing this, you can optimize your energy consumption, reduce your digital carbon footprint, or use sustainable transportation. Opt for a zero-waste, minimalist lifestyle, and adopt the reuse, reduce, recycle mode. The means are non-exhaustive. You just have to be conscious of it and act consciously and mostly, sustainably.

Why wait for governments or organizations to take the initiative to save our planet? do you know that if we all put our minds, hearts and hands to it, everyone’s contribution can save our planet earth? so let’s start there, right now. change the way you do things, think, consume and encourage climate action. help raise awareness around and why not through social media too.

Join our movement and let’s create an impact.

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