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Easter symbolizes for Christians, the resurrection of Jesus, synonymous with rebirth and hope. What if, on this occasion, we contributed to a sort of rebirth and hope for our planet by adopting a greener behaviour.

We know how much of a headache family gatherings and celebrations can be when you’re trying to live an eco-friendly lifestyle.This is the reason why is happy to share some Egg-cellent sustainable Easter tips with you for a happy Easter and a happy planet.

1. Make your own chocolate

Easy peasy! So many recipes that you can find today on the net. An opportunity to show off your cooking skills and have fun with your kids and loved ones in the kitchen. It’s always more meaningful when it’s homemade with love.

2. Create your own chocolate wrappers

Stop using plastic or paper wrappers that are wasted and end up in the trash. Plus, while hunting for eggs can be fun, how much waste is there when those eggs aren’t found and end up melting or rotting in the garden?

Our solution is to make your own packaging just like you make your chocolates. Reusable paper, metal boxes, cloth, the options are many.

3. Buy bio chocolate from local artisans

Buy organic Easter eggs from local chocolate artisans who have crafted specially shaped easter eggs for the occasion. This way, you contribute to the local economy, support local artisans, and ensure that the chocolates you buy and share are produced ethically.

4. Have a substitute for chocolate eggs

Does everyone eat chocolate? sometimes at Christmas, easter chocolates are still piled up in the fridge for those who don’t have a sweet tooth. therefore, a small souvenir would be more useful and symbolic for those who don’t like chocolate. you can find well-decorated substitutes such as pebbles or other items. You could as well make wooden eggs or opt for other crafts that you could be re-used in the following years. On Easter Day, you can then hide them in the garden and have fun finding them!

5. Bake your desert

Why offer tons of chocolates when you could have one yummy dessert that your guests will all enjoy on the spot. This way, you are sure that no one will keep and waste forgotten chocolate in a fridge or corner of the closet. You could make a chocolate cake yourself and if you are a good home baker, try a round shape like an egg itself. That could be fun!

6. Create your own Easter decoration.

If you were able to do it once for Christmas and New Year, why not continue this initiative for Easter to honour our sustainable resolutions this year

You can reuse objects, and items from your decorating treasure box that could work, and make an original, trendy and ecological decoration! You can easily find ideas on the internet or Pinterest. For example, to create cardboard bunnies or decorated Easter eggs. Use cards you received in the past.

You can decorate your table with your own creations, pieces of branches found in your garden, colourful eggs and your children’s creations that can also be the gifts offered to your guests. Wow, effect guaranteed!

7. A green Easter gift idea

Easter is not only about chocolate eggs, it’s also about rebirth, a new life! So why not replace edible and disposable chocolates with small natural gifts. A plant, another life that you have to take care of with your heart. You can offer seeds, and small potted plants to your guests and loved ones who are as sustainability-oriented as you are.

This will motivate your family to go out, garden and enjoy the sun. How original is that gift idea? You can also paint the pot with a nice quote or bunny/ egg design to remind them of easter.

8. Reduce waste during Easter dinner

once again, as with the holiday season, let’s continue to reduce waste during the meal and family gatherings. let’s optimize the quality, not only in terms of time spent together but of the meal and limit the astronomical quantities that could feed an entire regiment. by the way, Easter Monday and Easter week are left-over weeks until the last portion is eaten. in addition, your guests can also receive a small personalized container as a gift to be used to pick up the leftovers after the party.

use this as a new life lesson and habit to adopt for your next get-together.

Plus, make sure you take out the cutlery that your cupboards treasure and keep preciously. it’s an opportunity to make them useful instead of wasting money by buying disposable cutlery that is also, far from being sustainable.

Like Christmas, Easter is a holiday where, if you have children, the overflow of gifts and chocolates – and therefore packaging – can happen quickly. We believe that we are limiting our waste while enjoying this family holiday. We continue to help make our planet happy by enjoying a happy Easter.

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