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People from all walks of life love to wear denim pants. They just never go out of style! But did you know that around 1,500 liters of water are needed to generate a single pair of jeans? It also sheds bits of plastic that flow into the oceans.

Fortunately, fashion need not be detrimental to the environment. There’s sustainability in fashion too. How’s that possible? Check out the following article to learn more about sustainable fashion!

Using Recycled Plastics To Produce Denim

With the ongoing concerns about global warming and other environmental problems, many of us want to wear denim pants that not only look and feel good but also help protect the environment.

One good example is Levi’s, which now promotes the use of waste-less jeans. According to the popular brand, the jeans are made of at least 20% recycled plastic bottles and food trays — around eight 12 to 20 ounces of bottles per jean.

They made these sustainable jeans by collecting black food trays, green soda bottles, brown beer bottles, and clear water bottles. After being sorted out by color, these materials are crushed into flakes and converted into polyester fiber. To produce the denim, they are combined with cotton fiber and then woven with conventional cotton yarn. Using more recycled materials may help mitigate plastic packaging’s carbon footprint. It may also lower greenhouse gas emissions, thus helping address global warming.

How Fashion Can Be Sustainable

The fashion industry has been forecasted to produce around 2,800 million tons of carbon and 150 million tons of waste. However, there are several ways to make fashion sustainable. For instance, you can help lessen carbon emissions by using recycled polyester fabric. You can also opt to buy second-hand denim online.

Repairing and redesigning clothes help conserve natural resources can help, too, as you won’t always need raw materials.

Meanwhile, fashion brands are committed to improving the quality and longevity of their products. You can pick clothes that use certified textiles. From using more environment-friendly ways of producing and distributing clothes to fostering more informed buying behaviors, there are many ways fashion can be sustainable.

Final Thoughts

As we have highlighted above, fashion doesn’t have to hurt the environment. Instead of using denim with plastic, choose to wear jeans from recycled materials. So, help protect the environment while staying trendy! To learn more about sustainable fashion, check out our page.

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